Cebu Tech Communities

We are an informal group of Tech Communities in Cebu City, Philippines. We've come together to bring #hacktoberfest to our humble side of the globe.

Angular Cebu

Angular Cebu is a community organization for Angular Framework, a JavaScript framework for building modern web and mobile applications. We give free study jam sessions and code camps as a way of empowering the tech community here in Cebu.

We are a child community under JavaScript Cebu.

Amazon Web Services Use Group - Central Visayas

We are a community of AWS cloud engineers, cloud architects, start-ups, enterprises and cloud enthusiasts. AWS-UG provides FREE cloud trainings for everyone- technical and business group.

User Group is where we share ideas, answer questions, and learn about new services and best practices.

Cebu Game Dev

A Cebu-based video game developer community founded in 2017 The community aims to be a hub for local game creators by having fun meetups, community game jams, interactive play testing and educational workshops.

Cebu WordPress Meetup

The Cebu WordPress Meetup Group is for any WordPress user – new or experienced – who wants to learn more about WordPress, network with other users and developers, and discuss all things WordPress.

Facebook Developers Circle Cebu City

Forum for developers in Cebu City who are interested in building on the Facebook platform to interact and collaborate other developers who share similar interests.

Google Developers Group Cebu

Google Developers Group (GDG) Cebu is a non-profit group of amateurs and professionals (technology users, specialists, and developers) who are independent from Google but are enthusiasts and daily users of Google technologies. Members meet and socialize on a regular basis.

JavaScript Cebu

JavaScript Cebu is a community driven organization formed by volunteers who want to promote and share knowledge on web technologies especially JavaScript.

Mother community of 3 awesome communities - Angular Cebu, React Cebu, VueJS Cebu

Laravel Cebu

We’re a community of artisans who loves Laravel. We hold regular meetups around the city with the help of our awesome hosts, sponsors, organizers, volunteers & individuals in the community. Come let's talk about tech related to Laravel & PHP, ask for help or anything under the sun!

PizzaPy - Cebu Python Users Group

PizzaPy is a volunteer-run group of of Cebu Pythonistas: developers, testers, or individuals into the use of the Python programming language. As a community, our main focus is on sharing knowledge. We share solutions and discuss problems.

React Cebu

React Cebu is a community for developers by developers for everything but not limited to React.

We are a child community under JavaScript Cebu.

VueJS Cebu

VueJS Cebu is a community organization for VueJS. It started and became known for its Vue Nights.

We are a child community under JavaScript Cebu.


And among other tech communities, organizations and individuals who support us in bringing Hacktoberfest 2020.

What we do

Cebu tech communities offer free code camps, conferences, meet ups and others in order to share the latest technology update to IT professionals, businesses, students and IT enthusiast in Cebu City and neighboring cities.

Participating communities include Angular Cebu, AWS User Group Central Visayas, Cebu Game Dev, Cebu WordPress Meetup, Facebook Developers Circle Cebu City, Google Developers Group Cebu, JavaScript Cebu, Laravel Cebu, PizzaPy Python Users Group Cebu, React Cebu, Vue Cebu among others who have been with you through the years in bringing you events - meetups, codecamps, conferences, and many more.

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